Are you interested in Domain Specific Languages (DSLs), compilers, and HPC? If so then come work at the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh, where you will be involved revolutionising the compiler stack for DSLs to develop a common, unified, technology built on MLIR and LLVM.

Details of the opportunity

We are advertising for a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Compiler and Runtime Systems Group at the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh, to work on the xDSL project. The objective of xDSL is to revolutionize the design of DSL compiler implementations by leveraging the breadth and cross-industry support of the MLIR compiler and Python ecosystems. Python is the tool of choice for application developers in many domains, such as machine learning, data science, and - as we believe - an important component of the future of High Performance Computing software.

Via this project the successful applicant will work together with the Python, HPC, and MLIR compiler communities to build a next-generation DSL-design stack that effectively connects these communities. Instead of building DSL compilers as isolated monolithic towers, the purpose of our research is to design a toolbox that enables developers to build DSLs using a rich ecosystem of shared intermediate representations and optimizations.

xDSl is funded by ExCALIBUR, a large UK program to prepare key simulation codes for exascale, and the successful candidate will have the opportunity to work closely with world-leading experts in Compilers, Computational Science, and HPC from academia and industry. We aim for high-impact publications at the top venues in PL and Compilation (such as PLDI and CGO), Computational Science (such as ICCS and ACM TOMS), as well as HPC (such as SC and ICS). The candidate will directly contribute to open-source software that we develop in close collaboration with the community.

For more information

Does this sound interesting, do you think you are a good match for working on the xDSL project? If so, then there are further details here. Applications must be recieved by 5pm on the 5th of January 2022 ,and the link also contains details about how to apply for this role.